Technical Meditations

My Data Science Internship at Boeing!

I interned at Boeing for 12 weeks as a data scientist in the summer of 2019. And it was great! To start off with, the building I was in was the original headquarters for Boeing. Building 2-25. Right next to the cafeteria and fitness center. I knew it was going to be a great summer […]

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ CPU Usage Driver / Loadable Kernel Module (LKM)

Hacking embedded systems and OS

A Brief Peek into the Chess Scene in America using Data Science!

Chess + Data Science =

Kaggle Santander 2019: my 1st competition, I got in the top 7%.

Another day at the Kaggle

Yelp 2018 Dataset Challenge

My colleage, Crystal Boyce, and I just created a video on our analysis of the Yelp 2018 Datset Challenge! Please watch it and I hope you enjoy the content. Here is the link